Outdoor Beauty, Simple Living

Fred’s RV Campsite is located just beyond the southern reaches of the beautiful Barren River Lake. It’s a peaceful retreat perfect for travelers, adventurers, and nature lovers alike. Our cozy and comfortable RV park caters to short-term visitors looking for a weekend getaway and long-term residents seeking a peaceful abode amidst nature. At Fred’s, we believe simplicity is the key to relaxation, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without any unnecessary complications.

Nature, Family, Pets, Memories

Fred’s RV Campsite welcoming guests from all walks of life, along with their furry friends. Yes, we’re pet-friendly, because we know that adventures are always better with a companion by your side! Whether you’re passing through or looking for a place to call home for a while, Fred’s offers the perfect backdrop for making memories, with the serene Barren River Lake just a short walk away. Come join us at Fred’s, where nature meets simplicity and every guest is treated like family.